A versatile city

Solingen is a city in the district of Dusseldorf in North Rhine-Westphalia with about 160,000 inhabitants. The city is adjacent to Wuppertal and Remscheid for so-called Bergisch City Triangle (Bergisches Städtedreieck). Solingen is part of the region Rhine-Ruhr and a member of the Rhineland Regional Council.
The city is the worldly-known center of German cutlery industry, particularly in the manufacture of blades from Solingen - The blade companies that are based in Solingen belong to the world leaders in the cutlery industry. The town's name is protected as a geographical indication for those products by the Solingen Regulation. Since March 19, 2012 Solingen leads the official auxiliary blades city (Klingenstadt).

The most famous landmarks of the city include the reconstructed castle (Schloss Burg), the former residence of the ruling family of Berg. Furthermore, the highest railway bridge in Germany called "Müngsten Brücke" (107 meters high) is also located in Solingen, as well as the historic centers of "Gräfrath" surrounded by traditional houses and buildings in timber and slate style. The city is also exemplary for the Solingen industrial history - landmarks are the "Balkhauser Kotten" and the "Wipperkotten". In addition, Solingen has by far the largest catenary bus system in Germany. Approximately 500 meters from the accomodation lies the Industrial museum (Industriemuseum), that will take you on a journey of industrial history of the area.

Historical place of peace and quiet within the city.

You won´t expect something like this in the city: Small, idyllic spots where you can experience what life must have been like 500 years ago. The neighborhood Dahl in the city of Solingen is such a place. Green meadows and hills, narrow alleys and historic half-timbered houses that shine in new splendour. A great insider for a time-out close to the nearby cities Düsseldorf, Köln, Wuppertal and Essen.

Once the neighborhood has been known for the residence of judges. Today the impressive Judge House (“Richterhaus”), built in 1558, the house of the jurymen as well as the historic translocated and reconstructed “Peter-Knecht-Haus” from 1793 exist here. Wandering through the streets you look at the houses and wonder what it was like to live here in the past and what it must be like to live here today.

Today, both, the Richterhaus and the Peter-Knecht-Haus have been lavishly refurbished. The special character of the houses was preserved and combined with Modern living comfort. three apartments are in the Richterhaus, two big ‘house-in-house’ apartments are in the Peter-Knecht-Haus on the opposite side of the street. All apartments are fully furnished and equipped and up for long- or short term rent.

Apartment TWO

The newly restored townhouse "Hitman House" is located on Haumannstraße 4 in the north of Solingen in the immediate vicinity of the city center. The true to the original red bricks, the stucco-adorned façade and the attractive and unique courtyard make this building a real eye-catcher on arrival.