Terms and Conditions

Dear guest,

our apartments have been extensively renovated and refurnished with much love and attention to detail, so that you feel homey and comfortable. You are most welcome to use all things that can be found in these apartments. We only ask you to treat all items with respect and care.

Our House rules / terms and conditions

With the booking of our accomodations you agree to have read, understoof and accepted the following house rules:

1. Check-in & Check Out
Your accommodation is ready for your check-in from 3:00 PM on the day of your arrival. Please inform us about your approximate arrival time so we can be there to welcome you. The handover of the keys takes place at arrival or is arranged individually.
Checkout is at 11:00 AM on the day of your departure (Unless you have arranged a late check-out, please see paragraph “Late Check-Out”) The apartment must be left clean and tidy at departure. Used dishes must be cleaned and put away where they belong, the rubbish/garbage must be taken into the bins, as well as the bottles of any kind (please see paragraph “Garbage” for more Information). You do not need to take the bed sheets off, just collect all the used towels in the laundry bags. The handover of the keys is arranged individually; please never leave the key inside the door lock. Thank you!
Regular guests are able to use the “Self-check-in” (If you are a regular guest and have not used it before, please talk to us.)

2. Deposit
For all bookings, we ask our guests for a deposit. This deposit will be pre-paid prior to your arrival to our account. The amount will be fully refunded to you within one week of departure, provided the apartment is left faultless and properly. (Please note: If you notice any faults or damaged items at arrival, we kindly ask you for a short notice, gladly by E-Mail, SMS or Whats app incl. a picture if possible). Mobil number: + 49 (0) 17768 16395

3. Cleaning
We kindly ask you to take your shoes off inside the apartment, especially during the wet and cold seasons.
The cleaning fee is included in the booking fee, if not discussed otherwise. The cleaning fee is calculated for a normal cleaning expense, that means at checkout, all kitchen appliances and dishes must still be cleaned and put away where they belong, the garbage/rubbish and bottles of all kind must be taken away independently and things must be left behind in a tidy manner. (See “Garbage” for more information). However we understand that it is normal that mishap happen, and if it does, (extreme dirt, liquids on the floor or work surfaces, etc.), we ask you to eliminate them immediately. There is a broom, dustpan and cleaning supplies available. If there is still a lot of dirt on departure, we will bill you according to expenditure.

4. Additional Cleaning
We are happy to organize a cleaning during your stay for you, if you wish. The cleaning will be charged additionally according to our cleaning fee. Please let us know if you are interested in advance.

5. Smoking
Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the apartment. If you want to smoke, please do so only outside. You will find an ashtray in Front of the main entrance or on the back terrasse.

6. First Aid Kit
A small first Aid kit can be found under the kitchen sink. If you hurt yourself badly we can recommend doctors or the local hospital. Please also see the leaflet „in case of emergency“ in the apartment Guide.

7. Damages
Nobody likes to damage things on purpose, but it can happen to anyone. If you do accidently damage items in the apartment, we ask you to tell us straight away. As a guest you are liable for damages in the amount of the replacement cost.

8. Pets
Pets are not allowed in the apartments, unless arranged and agreed otherwise.

9. Internet/ Wi-Fi
Inside the apartment you can access the free Wi-Fi. The login details can be found on a small card in the living room and behind the apartment door.

10. Parking
Each apartment is entitled to one parking space (they can be found just next to the carports or next to the Peter-Knecht-Haus opposite the Richterhaus - see parking signs “Herriger Residenz”). Please do not park in front of the house or on the street, this is not permitted. Although we provide you with a parking space, we (landlord) are not liable and we take no responsibility for any losses or damages of your motor vehicles parked on this property.
If you arrive with multiple cars we ask you to park your additional cars at the top of the road (Kyllmannweg).

11. Ventilate
To avoid mold, we kindly ask you to ventilate the rooms sufficiently, at least 1x air vent per day for 5-10 min, especially after showering. - Please leave the blinds and curtains open during the day!

12. Kitchen
All kitchens are brand new. We therefore ask you to take care of all kitchen appliances and keep things clean and tidy. Instruction manuals for all appliances can be found a box in one of the kitchen cupboards, if you do not know how to use a certain appliance, please ask. When the dishwasher is not fully loaded, we ask you to use the short wash program (Kurz-Programm). Do not leave or drain any garbage inside the sink, neither leftovers, harmful liquids or fats as it may damage the pipes and cause unpleasant blockages.

13. Fire Place
If you are staying in the apartment with the fire place, please do not use it. It is not permitted to make a fire in this place. We have provided candels for you to use only.

14. Keys
Please never give the keys out of hand. A loss of the key is to be reported immediately and you are liable to the amount of the replacement cost.

15. Garbage
Since we are committed to waste separation, we ask you to help us with this.
The garbage is to be separated according to:

• Yellow bin: packaging material acc. yellow bag (all packaging with the green recycling Logo, no leftovers)
• Blue Bin: Paper and Cardboard
• Gray bin: residual waste (leftovers, anything that does not fall under the first two categories)

One garbage bag per bucket will be provided upon arrival. Please dispose of waste glass and plastic bottles independently.

16. Early departure
In case of early departure no refund will be made.

17. Late Checkout
Late checkout between 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM is sometimes possible. If you desire a late checkout, please clarify this early on with us.

18. Termination
In case of multiple breaches of the booking / rental conditions, we (landlord) can unilaterally terminate the booking / rental agreement and you must leave the apartment immediately. A claim for reimbursement of the rental price does not exist in this case.

19. Price Reduction
In the case of a short-term loss of furnishings, any interior supplies or force majeure, there is no entitlement to price reduction. Deficiencies in the apartment are to be communicated to us immediately. We ask you to give us (landlord) a reasonable time to remedy the defects. Later complaints will not be accepted.

20. Duty of care
We ask you to treat the entire rental property including the outdoor area with care and to ensure that fellow travelers and relatives comply with the house rules / rental conditions. Please do not litter. The resources of water and electricity should be treated with care.

21. Liability
We (landlord) are not liable for your valuables.

22. Entering the apartment
Under certain circumstances (happens very rarely) it may be necessary for us (landlords) to enter the apartment without your knowledge.

23. General Information
If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Therefore we have put together a small booklet called:Apartment Guide that can be found inside apartment. This apartment guide holds various informations about the apartment inventory, emergency details, directions, nearby locations such as restaurants, bars, pharmarcies, atms, gas stations, places to see and things to do as well as locations for daily and urgent needs. A hard copy of these house rules / rental conditions can also be found in the apartment Guide.

Thank you for your help and understanding! We hope you have a wonderful stay!

(These terms and conditions apply without signature)
Date: Terms and Conditions/ House rules Herriger Residenz: Januar 2018
Last Edit: November 2019